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    SubjectRe: FTP/HTTP data movement record
    > Folks:
    > says that Walnut Creek CDROM's server downloaded the most software in
    > one day, 417 gigabytes of files, on Tuesday, July 28, 1998. The record
    > was achieved using FreeBSD on only one server colocated on CRL's national
    > Internet backbone.

    Lets see -- 4.9 to 5.2 MBytes/sec thru the system averaging
    over 24 hours. Yeah, no problem.

    Give the system a decent SCSI RAID subsystem optimized for
    reading, perhaps up to 10 MB/sec thru several controllers

    Then distribute the load over 12 busy hours, and you get
    the record result without needing anything really spectacular.
    (Except that the 100Mbps network interface is saturated for
    that half a day..)

    > What I want to know is what is the most data moved in a day by a Linux
    > web/ftp server? Anyone know?

    Not by a public server, but with a long-term (15-90 minutes
    long) tests.

    It was a laboratory test running our in-house benchmark over
    HTTP, and my workstation clocked 600 HTTP transactions per
    second for about 90% of the time running at the peak performance.
    (quite good result with early 2.1 kernel, dcache was a brand
    new thing, etc.. All this over a 100BaseTx switched network..)

    I don't remember what we clocked as Mbps rates during those
    runs, though... Propably very close to my single SCSI-disk
    random read performance, about 5 MBps.

    > Thanks.

    /Matti Aarnio <>

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