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SubjectRe: Booting from a flashdisk
If I remember correctly (we  used to sell these things). The omnibook has
a really funy bios with some really sophisticated pcmcia support built in
so that it can recognize and use ata interface flash, rom and, harddisk
pcmcia devices as bootable disks. It was an interesting feat, I remember
being real impressed when we first got one. If I were you I'b probably be
tempted to rawrite some kind of boot image to a flash disk and selecting
that pcmcia slot as the bootable one in the bios, but given the intrinsic
wierdness of the machine I'm not sure how far you're going to get with
that tack.

I was always kind of mad at hp because a floppy drive was a third party
product for the omnibook 300, although some the future models (omnibook
800 for example) came with them. It may be that the omnibook 300 like the
original 2lb nec ultralight 8086 is a one of kind machine (the nec
incorporated the first type 1 pcmcia (or actually jedia) slots if I recall


On Tue, 15 Sep 1998, Chuck Homic wrote:

> I'm trying to install Linux on an HP OmniBook 300. Trouble is, the OB300
> doesn't have floppy or hard drives. Instead it has a number of PCMCIA
> flashdisks.
> How can I make a kernel boot in such a configuration? I figured since
> MS-DOS seems to work quite nicely on the thing, that loadlin would be the
> answer, since loadlin could take care of loading up the kernel, then I
> could worry about adding support for all the bizarre hardware into the
> kernel. However, when I issue the loadlin command, I get, after the
> loadlin loading data:
> Uncompressing Linux...
> ran out of input data
> -- System halted
> Apparently it is unable to decompress itself from the flash disk? And
> loadlin won't load an uncompressed kernel image. So, any ideas?
> -Chuck
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