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SubjectRe: egcs-1.1 (was 2.0.36-pre9
On Tue, 15 Sep 1998, Chris Wedgwood wrote:

> egcs is broken for C++ in some ways - its been discussed elsewhere,
> on redhat-axp for example.
> Its not a libc issue, egcs just dumps core or produces a horrible
> mess.

I see. Thanks. I found and fixed the problem with this program - turns out
some fool defined strlen as a local variable in a function, and of course,
in glibc2 strlen() is a macro. *sigh*

I'm now investigating a different problem with egcs-1.1b compiling
Lynx-2.8 - seems to runs out of virtual memory if -O2 is used. Removing
that -O2 parameter seems to work fine.

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Linux tahallah 2.1.121 #40 Thu Sep 10 07:26:39 EDT 1998 i486 unknown

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