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    SubjectRe: NEWSFLASH! Linux ported to Commodore VIC-20!!
    > > How much data would an audio tape be able to carry? Are we talking a
    > > few hundred kilobytes or are we in the megabyte range?
    > On a CBM64 with fastloader, 50K took about 2 minutes. So a C-90 tape gives you
    > about 2 MB.

    Hm, 3 kbit/sec. Soundcard/tape has high SNR and is quite linear; one
    could use some V.34-like QAM/TCM scheme but at a higher symbol rate.
    If V.34 can get 30 kbit/sec from a phone line, surely a tape deck with
    15 kHz bandwidth would roughly quadruple this, giving around 80 MByte
    per 90-min tape. Would want to interleave to control dropouts.

    I wonder how fast such tape recorders could go if you stripped off the
    linear stuff. Just talk to the write head directly (with a bit on the
    parallel port say); would need an amplifier on the read end, with the
    machine sitting in a tight loop watching the transitions (some RLL
    channel code, or maybe even PRML with a small A/D).

    Peter Monta
    Imedia Corp.

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