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    SubjectRe: 2.1.121 breaks compilation, initmem_freed undefined
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > It made complete sense
    > Linus wrote:
    > > Something like this _would_ have made sense:
    > >
    > > #ifndef MODULE
    > > show_the_logo();
    > > #endif
    > That would work too - yes, if you want to go stick that in about 20 frame
    > buffers not in one place as it was before

    Either that, or redo things so fbcon.c is built as a module as long as
    none of the frame buffers that depend on it are built-in.

    fbcon.c built-in --> frame buffer present at boot time --> show the logo
    (and set a flag indicating the logo has been shown so loading a modular
    frame buffer later on doesn't screw the pooch).

    Bob Tracy | "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist- "
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