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SubjectRe: Linux console cursor location?

> One easy way to solve this is to use our direct VGA console library
> which talks directly to the screen. This works perfectly under Linux
> right now, however the problem is that when we exit we need to be
> able to tell the Linux console to move the cursor location to the new
> location that our console library has changed it to, so that it does
> not overwrite our messages on the screen. Hence I am wondering if
> there is a kernel call that we can make to move the console cursor
> location? Alternatively how can we simply always move the console
> cursor location to the bottom of the screen (some kind of escape
> code?).

Just use the appropriate escape sequence to move the cursor.

> Also is there a kernel call that we can use to disable the console
> scrolling which is done with the hardware panning registers? I know
> that switching virtual consoles does this, and we would like to be
> able to clear this before displaying our messages...

When managing the videoram yourself, you should switch to the graphics
mode. The console then resets the screen origin registers automatically.

Have a nice fortnight
Martin `MJ' Mares <>
Faculty of Math and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Rep., Earth
"A mathematician is a machine for converting coffee into theorems."

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