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SubjectRe: BSD reminiscent resource starvation under Linux?
I've you've got 150-200 concurrent requests then there are 200 or so tasks
running apache. There's a per-user limit of 256 tasks. Unfortunately
it's a compile time constant (bleh). Find NR_TASKS and increase it. You
can go as high as something around 4000... you may also want to change the
per-user limit... since it's foolish to save 2000 tasks for root.


On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Josh Beck wrote:

> Hello,
> Hopefully this problem has been addressed before, but here goes:
> I have a busy web server (kernel 2.0.35), running Apache 1.3.1. I removed
> the Apache USE_MMAP_FILES define, as the server is handling an average of
> 150-200 concurrent requests for files which are 3-5 MB in size, and I
> didn't want to have 500+ MB of RAM in the box to handle this. All is fine
> and well, everything fits comfortably into memory. The load stays
> reasonably low (.3-.6), and the machine serves about 30,000 - 40,000 such
> files per day.
> Anyways, the problem is that cgi's error quite often, with the following
> nasty errors in the error_log:
> [Thu Sep 10 07:57:25 1998] [error] (11)Resource temporarily unavailable:
> couldn't spawn child process: /usr/local/www/cgi-bin/upload4.cgi
> This is something that I am quite accustomed to under FreeBSD on even
> moderately loaded web servers, and I know how to fix. I was pretty
> surprised to see this happen under linux, and don't really know what the
> cause might be.
> I upped NR_INODE and NR_FILE in the kernel, but that doesn't appear to
> have helped, here are the contents of /proc/sys/kernel/*
> inode-max 16384
> inore-nr 1072 710
> file-max 4096
> file-nr 900
> If anyone has any pointers or has encountered this before, I'd be very
> grateful for a bit of help.
> Thanks!
> Josh Beck
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