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    SubjectLinux console cursor location?
    Hi all,

    I have a problem with the hardware configuration and analysis program
    for our SciTech Display Doctor product. In order to do color console
    output we are currently using a version of our console library ported
    to run on top of ncursese. However this is causing us some grief
    because we need to be able to display messages while we have the
    console in graphics mode (while we are analysing and testing the
    graphics hardware and BIOS capabilities).

    One easy way to solve this is to use our direct VGA console library
    which talks directly to the screen. This works perfectly under Linux
    right now, however the problem is that when we exit we need to be
    able to tell the Linux console to move the cursor location to the new
    location that our console library has changed it to, so that it does
    not overwrite our messages on the screen. Hence I am wondering if
    there is a kernel call that we can make to move the console cursor
    location? Alternatively how can we simply always move the console
    cursor location to the bottom of the screen (some kind of escape

    Also is there a kernel call that we can use to disable the console
    scrolling which is done with the hardware panning registers? I know
    that switching virtual consoles does this, and we would like to be
    able to clear this before displaying our messages...


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