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SubjectRe: UFS CD-ROM problems?

On Fri, 11 Sep 1998, Bill Hawes wrote:

> A while back several people reported problems with UFS when using DEC
> CD-ROMS, oftn leading to crashes or lockups. I posted a patch to correct
> an obvious problem in an error exit path in UFS, but haven't received
> any feedback on it.
> Is anyone still seeing problems with UFS and want to test the patch?


Very sorry not to have replied earlier. Yes, I've installed the patch.

The good news is: No more lockups.

The bad news is: Linux is still unable to mount Digital UFS CD-ROMs. On
mount attempts, the file system driver carps about it ".. needing fsck"
and gives up with the usual informative message ("too many mounted
filesystems, blah, blah).

Since this (apparently) used to work, I'm hoping the UFS folks can chase
down the remaining ills.

Since you have fixed a horrifying bug, I'd suggest the patches go to

Thanks once again for your professional and unflagging efforts!


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