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    SubjectWas: networking problems -- Is really: aic7xxx problems

    On 9 Sep 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > However, once you have gotten a stable setup and thus made sure that the
    > only difference really is the network card, I'd still ask you to
    > continue to test out the broken card for a while. I'd like to know why
    > the driver appears broken in SMP environments.

    I'm afraid I was heading down the wrong path. I was just exercising
    the system a bit differently when things seemed stable with networking
    turned off. I built a kernel with absolutely no networking, stressed
    out the system and presto -- same crash as before.

    Now I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the aic7xxx driver under
    SMP (found a few scattered messages about others having similar
    problems now that I'm looking in the right place -- no hint about
    fixes though). I'm looking into options for that right now.

    > The kernel has a README
    > about trying to decipher any oopses you get..

    Unfortunately, I'm not getting the "oops" information. You have to
    get through two locks between the fault code and printing the oops
    information, and it's apparently getting stuck in one of those locks.
    I suppose I could just disable those locks since it's just a
    terminating error message. At least that way I'd get more info. Can
    you think of any reason why this would be a bad idea?


    Steve Tate

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