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SubjectRe: Next round of console patches
Tom Eastep writes:
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> Richard Gooch wrote:
> >
> >
> > OK, I think I know what might be happening here. Can you please send
> > me the output of your boot logs (with the call to mtrr_add() removed
> > but with CONFIG_MTRR enabled)?
> The attached log show booting with mtrr_add() removed and with the
> rest of patch-con118 applied (the one I sent you earlier was without
> the latest console patches).

Ah, OK, I've just sent you a message asking for the mtrr_add() call to
be replaced with a printk(). Please do that for patch-con118 applied.
In other words, take 2.1.118, apply patch-con-118 and then replace the
mtrr_add() with printk().

> > Then compile a UP kernel with mtrr_add() put back in and tell me how
> > that works.
> It boots without any problem...

OK, if UP works fine with 2.1.118+patch-con118 that confirms my
suspicions. However, the boot logs you sent me confuses things a bit,
so I really need the boot logs I described above (dmesg output, not
the logfile variety).



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