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SubjectRe: ext2fs: inode with zero dtime
In message <>, "Stephen C. Tweedie" 
| The issue is whether a user-requested remount can succeed with orphaned
| files. As long as the filesystem is entirely unable to cleanly deal
| with that situation, such a remount must be rejected.

Alternative suggestion: do as the error case, remount read-only with the
filesystem still marked dirty on disk. fsck still catches it on the next

| It is even _more_ inconsistent to say that with orphaned files, we'll
| let the user remount ro but not rw again!

But such an action is unsafe, therefore it is *correct* to do so regardless
of how "consistent" it is.

brandon s. allbery [os/2][linux][solaris][japh]
system administrator [WAY too many hats]
electrical and computer engineering KF8NH
carnegie mellon university

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