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SubjectRe: Antw: Re: CIPE - Encrypted IP Encapsulation
On Sat, 8 Aug 1998 wrote:

> One of the nice things about the Linux development model is that it's
> highly fault tolerant. If the NSA kills Donald Becker, Linus, and
> David Miller then Alan Cox can contiue maintainership. :)

Actually, the NSA has no authority to terminate persons. It's only the
shadowy figures in the corridors of power in Washingon DC who do. :o) BTW
(going offtopic here) did anyone ever see the Sneakers movie, about that
"black box" that would instantly decrypt almost anything? It sounded
*exactly* like a quantum computer to me - from what I understand from
cryptology and quantum mechanics (not that I understand it completely, who
doesn't?), a quantum computer would have the ability to solve all types of
complex equations almost instantly - and that will be the death knell to
most of the current crypto-technology we employ. Sinister implications
there for PGP and triple-encrypted DES.

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