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SubjectRe: Antw: Re: CIPE - Encrypted IP Encapsulation
On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Kragen wrote:

> On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Alexander Kjeldaas wrote:
> > On Fri, Aug 07, 1998 at 04:19:20PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Note that exporting a crypto plugin API from the US is also subject to
> > > EAR (what was ITAR). Isnt life fun
> That's not what ITAR says, that's just what the NSA says.
> > The solution is therefore not to keep crypto out of the
> > kernel, but to have a kernel _with_ crypto. Distributed from outside
> > the US if needed.
> That means anyone who wants to distribute Linux internationally has to
> be based outside the US, and anyone who wants to work on the kernel has
> to live outside the US. So Linus, Dave S. Miller, Donald Becker, etc.,
> will need to emigrate.
> Kragen

One of the nice things about the Linux development model is that it's
highly fault tolerant. If the NSA kills Donald Becker, Linus, and David
Miller then Alan Cox can contiue maintainership. :)

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