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SubjectRe: DEVFSv50 and /dev/fb? (or /dev/fb/? ???)
> People keep proposing bandaid solutions that only treat the
> symptoms.

Yes, unfortunately devfs is exactly that.

> Device files are a namespace used to access kernel drivers, not just
> an ordinary collection of files. There is a fundamental difference here.
> It is critical that /dev be perfectly synchronized with the kernel.

Actually, /dev *IS* just an ordinary collection of files. Yes, it has
to match the kernel. So do libc, kmod, automount, and a gazillion
other things. Putting it in kernel space is a quick, dirty hack.

> Preferably, /dev is also synchronized with the hardware.

There is no need for this; it needs to be synchronized with the drivers.

> How would an anti-devfs person support USB? Remember, the whole system
> is dynamic. You can add and remove devices on a live system. You can
> have several devices of the same type, there is no adjustable ID like
> SCSI has... It will put you through hell.

Do it like PCMCIA, which already supports this kind hot-plugging quite
nicely thankyouverymuch. Hot-plugging is a heck of a lot more than
device nodes, which is exactly why so many of the pro-devfs arguments
are fundamental fallacies.


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