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SubjectAntw: Re: CIPE - Encrypted IP Encapsulation
>Of course, following the principals of good design and consistency, this
>should be implemented as a nice layer in the API, or even as a plug
>layer between two existing APIs. A modular version would be good, to
>let those people who didn't want any encryption code cut it out, or
>demand load it.

I would certainly suggest to implement a plugin layer so people outside
the US with it's totally braindead crypto-regulations would be able to
use their own scheme.

>I have some vague memories of the US having some sort of rule against
>shipping a product into which encryption could be "plugged" at a later
>date, but if this got past the officials and was exportable, it would be
>a fine and happy thing.

What's the deal? Let people outside the US handle this part :-)

> Daniel


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