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SubjectRe: Data corruption using 2940U

[Cc'ed to the list]

On Thu, 6 Aug 1998, Magnus & Tina wrote:
> It could also be the disk. Micropolis quality is so bad that my company
> have thrown them out. We have to replace a LOT of disks with bad firmware
> causing data corruption.

But my first detection of the corruption was a samba transfer to another
(Windows)computer. The micropolis drive was not part of the transfer, only
the Fujitsu MO drive. Due to the corruptions size of about 512 byte my
assumption was, that a network problem is not impossible, but an internal
problem during disk -> memory transfer a lot more possible.

Then I started "massive" internal copies from the MO to the Micropolis drive
to provoke the problem. An avarage of 1 or 2 files from 60 sized about 1,7
MB were corrupted during the transfer.

After recompiling the kernel I didn't had any problems during data
transfers. BTW: I've no filesystem errors. On a random hardware bug I would
expect that the internal filesystem data gets randomly overwritten by normal
data *oergs* and this indeed fatal error would be detected during a fsck.

I'm "warned" and I'm watching and comparing all transfers at the moment ;-).



Linux, WinNT and MS-DOS. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Carsten Gross
Wohnheim Heilmeyersteige Sebastian Kneipp Weg 6, 89075 Ulm

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