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    Subjectnon exec stack & devfs threads!
    Greetings all,

    As you all know, these two topics are of hot debate at the moment. And
    without further ado, heres my few cents worth.

    First of all, I agree whole heartedly with Mr Torvalds that the anti stack
    execution patch is just a patch to the symptoms and not the underlying
    problem itself. Somebody here, I forget who, mentioned that GCC has an
    option to compile programs with array bounds checking. THIS IS EXACTLY
    THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM!!! If all setuid root programs were compiled
    with this option, this would be a non issue! Please feel free to shoot my
    reasoning if it is false.

    Secondly, even though I do not yet use devfs (this may change), a lot of
    people use it and find it extremely useful. Therefore, unless there is
    some compelling reason not to, it should be included with the standard
    kernel sources, even if it defaults to disabled. There is NO DOUBT, that
    it addresses some current limitations, and it does so in a rather
    intelligent manner. Three cheers to Mr Gooch! :)

    And please, let us put an end to irrational conversations and
    unintelligent flame wars..



    PS.. I look forward to an intelligent resolution to both these problems,
    as I'm sure most do.

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