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    SubjectRe: Problem booting Linux from 360KB disk
    On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Matthew D. Pitts wrote:

    >> ... eroor messages during boot.
    >> I'm sure it is not a hardware problem as I can boot DOS from that floppy
    >> as well as booting LILO located there or load a from that floppy kernel
    >> by LILO (using the same floppy disk).
    >> I didn't find any information that booting Linux directly from a 360kB
    >> floppy is not supported. But it seems to be not supported.
    >It's in the README in the kernel source for 2.0.2x and later. The following
    >is quoted from the README in 2.1.117.
    >For some, this is on a floppy disk, in which case you can "cp
    > /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage /dev/fd0" to make a bootable
    > floppy. Please note that you can not boot a kernel by
    > directly dumping it to a 720k double-density 3.5" floppy. In this
    > case, it is highly recommended that you install LILO on your
    > double-density boot floppy or switch to high-density floppies.
    >> Can anybody explain me what is the problem (I know that it is somewhere
    >> in bootsect.S), eventually how to fix it ?
    >The problem is that 360kB drives are slightly obsolete and 1.2MB drives
    >can't properly emulate them, if I'm not mistaken. Just because the 360kB
    >drive is usable in DOS doesn't mean that Linux should support it.

    BWAAHAHAHHHA! No offense, but... I didn't think that 360k disks
    EXISTED anymore! How about getting an LP presser, and pressing
    Linux onto a 78 speed vinyl LP? ;o)


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