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    SubjectRe: APIC IO changes in 2.1.118.
    Andre M. Hedrick wrote:
    > On Wed, 26 Aug 1998 wrote:

    > > 9: 0 0 XT-PIC Intel EtherExpress Pro10/100 Ethernet
    > >
    > >
    > > Is this the desired behavior? If so, I don't see any interrupt requests in
    > > the new scheme of things for either CPU for the Ethernet card.
    > >
    > In "io_apic.c" comment out interrupt 9 at line #1180
    > there is a mix IMHO of IRQ 2 and IRQ 9

    > 1180: io_apic_irqs = ~((1<<2)| /*(1<<9)|*/ (1<<13));

    Nobody mixed up 2 and 9. It was intentional, but ddoesn't work as planned.
    If you leave IRQ 9 enabled, then at least on the Intel DK440LX motherboards
    the IO-APIC code is failing to properly set up IRQ 9 and causing system
    problems (I've now seen at least three reports of problems with IRQ 9
    disabled). If you leave it disabled, then the DK440LX works like a champ,
    but apparently other motherboards break. Time to try and figure out why IRQ
    9 on the DK440LX won't work if it isn't disabled.


    Doug Ledford <>
    Opinions expressed are my own, but
    they should be everybody's.

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