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    SubjectModem Problems
    I don't know if this is a kernel compilation problem, and admin problem or a
    install problem

    I have been having problems with the following. After doing a fresh install
    of 2.0.34 I found that everything worked fine. This was without a network
    card but with a modem. It dialed up the Internet and It screamed. But when
    I put in the ne2000 Ethernet card or the 3com card I had problems with
    dialing out. The modem would dial the Internet and make the connection. I
    could ping the dchp address from the isp as well as the remote dialup
    server. I could not go any further nor could or would it hang up (kill, or
    echo atz>/dev/modem would work). I could not ping any other server on the
    internet but the modem ppp0 did show up using ifconfig.

    Here is the machine configuration
    Pentium 133
    64mb ram
    2 1.somethingGB IDE drives
    1 Iomega PPA zip drive
    S3 Virge 2mb
    33.6 Jumpered modem on COM2 (irq 3)
    microsoft mouse on com 1 --- com 3 has been disabled on the bios

    3com 3c509 bnc card replace with ne2000 card (both on irq 10)

    for some reason the installation from scratch will install the net card but
    will not configure the modem properly. I have to go in and install the RPM
    manually. I have followed every article I can find to fix this but nothing
    has worked at this point.

    I have tried to recompile the kernel after installing the rpm for the ppp
    but still nothing. I have used the following

    Make zlilo
    Make modules
    Make modules install

    Reboot and it still does not work properly.

    Gary smith

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