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    SubjectRe: overloaded :-(
    Followup to:  <>
    By author: Jeremy Katz <>
    In newsgroup:
    > Okay, how's this for a thought... Linus has said many times that he would
    > prefer to distribute _just_ patches. This being the case, what if release
    > of devel kernels was changed so that every ten or so kernels, a complete
    > tarball would be released and just release the patches in between (though
    > have the patches available for the decade patches). This would cut down
    > on the amount of space required for a complete mirror I would
    > think. Another thought would be to set up a machine so
    > that people downloading the smaller file can get it and go without having
    > to compete with people downloading the entire tarball. Perhaps Redhat or
    > someone would be willing to set up such a machine. Maybe I'm just
    > rambling, but I've had this disucssion about's speed with a few
    > people and this is what we thought might work.
    > Jeremy Katz

    That just isn't going to happen, sorry.

    However, *please* be aware of the
    mailing list; it gets automailed from on release of a new

    (There is a size limit imposed by the sysadmin. If
    it becomes too onerous, please let him know so it can be adjusted.)

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