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SubjectRe: CIPE - Encrypted IP Encapsulation
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I was using CIPE with my 2.0.34 Kernel under libc5 now I have upgraded to
2.0.35 and libc6 and everything went to hell, now I can't get it to
compile. ( haven't had the time to work on it )

The point is CIPE allows me to connect to my work privete net (
through my regular ISP. CIPE is great in that it can be used to set up a
VPN, which seems to be the newest buzz. ( I'm working on building a linux
based VPN router that is as easy to use as a cisco ;) ) I agree that with
the current export restiction and such that we can't include it in the
kernel, but a serious outside developement of CIPE or something like that,
would be very useful.

I'm not, however, a programer ( Sys Admin ) but I do know my way around
source code. I have two systems connected to the net that I can put up for
the cause if anyone is willing to work on this.


Version: PGP for Personal Privacy 5.0
Charset: noconv


Sydney Alsobrook
Systems Administrator
Institute For International Research
941-365-4471 ext. 250

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