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SubjectRe: Data corruption using 2940U
Carsten Gross wrote:
> Hello!
> Perhaps this question is not really kernel related, but it's a lowlevel
> problem and it _could_ be a serious kernel problem.
> I've some problems with data corruption on my SCSI discs connected to an
> Adaptec 2940U. Mainboard is a dual Pentium Tyan Tomcat II (HX chipset,
> 2*P100, 64 MB RAM, Kernel compiles without problems) using SMP Kernel
> 2.1.111.
> It happens during copying from a MO drive 'Fujitsu' Model: M2512A (216 MB)
> to a Micropolis SCSI harddrive Model: 4343NS using the Adaptec driver
> Version 5.1.0pre4/3.2.4. Ultra support for the Micropolis is enabled, parity
> checking on the pci_bus using the LILO commandline option
> "aic7xxx=pci_parity" is enabled. SCSI parity checking is also enabled in the
> BIOS setup. It's not only one or 2 bits, but a whole disc block of corrupted
> data.

[ snipped ]

Do you have tagged queueing enabled on the Micropolis drive? If so, disable
it because this sounds like one of those cases of broken tagged queueing
implementations causing silent corruption.

Doug Ledford <>
Opinions expressed are my own, but
they should be everybody's.

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