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SubjectRe: SCSI problem with 2.1.119 ?
On Sat, Aug 29, 1998 at 04:40:13PM +0100, Shaw Carruthers wrote:

> Twice today I have lost access to a partition on my new SCSI drive:

What parition?

> Aug 29 15:57:52 shawc kernel: ncr53c860-0-<6,0>: phase change 2-3
> 6@00008a45 resid=2.

That doesn't say or necessarily have anything to do with paritions.
Paritions are probed after all blcok devices have been located:

> also this may be related
> Aug 29 16:15:05 shawc kernel: EXT2-fs warning (device 08:13): ext2_free_inode: bit
> already cleared for inode 126597

probably not a clean shutdown. mount RO and e2fsck -f and see what it


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