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SubjectRe: Anybody out there? (ETXTBSY)
H. Peter Anvin writes the following:
>Followup to: <>
>By author: Richard Henderson <>
>In newsgroup:
>> ETXTBSY is explicitly not set on shared libraries. If you turn
>> it on, it is impossible to upgrade
>That shouldn't be; it just means it has to be unlinked before it can
>be replaced (if you're doing it by hand, mv -f). It has to, anyway,
>to avoid catastrophic failure of running programs.

Indeed... If you attempt to upgrade by doing a "cat >
/lib/", then all processes using are going to die horribly.
Better hope that cat is statically linked, or else it's probably going to die
(ironically as a result of its own actions) before having finished. Then you
have a truncated, and the real fun begins.

Alan Curry

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