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    SubjectRe: de4x5.c patch against 2.1.117
    > The patches I'd actually accept would be something that made sense on a
    > larger scale, and were able to support PnP as a side effect.
    > Quite frankly, PnP as a standard sucks. Anything that just reads the PnP
    > standard and tries to force that on Linux will be most definitely ignored.

    I actually took the ISAPnP patches and tried to beat them into that after
    the last time Linus made his comments.

    If you try this you'll discover two things

    1. Most of ISAPnP can be done in user space

    2. The only stuff that can't is (with one exception I know of)[*]
    related entirely to hot reconfiguration.

    As things stand right now we have a problem over all with the following
    related issues

    Hot Swap - PCMCIA, Cardbus, USB,...

    Physical Resource Management

    Mostly related to the above. We need to be able to
    do dynamic reallocations, partial decode and track
    memory and other resources

    Device restoration

    When we swap a device in we need to restore its state,
    PCMCIA does this via a daemon but its not yet generic
    just a very good basis.

    The last one along with state saving is needed for ACPI suspend to disk
    as well.

    In the end I found I had a choice of (2.3ish) doing the whole resource
    stuff, or avoiding the resource stuff, which reduced to the "isapnp
    tools needs a decent front end" problem not a kernel one.

    [*] Folks putting mac level addresses in the ISAPnP card serial number

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