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SubjectRe: copy_from_user() fixu
H. Peter Anvin writes:
> > maybe... I don't know enough about either standard to comment.
> >
> > I do understand what you are saying about syscall/libc transparency
> > and for the most part agree - but I do like getting EFAULT instead of
> > a coredump in some applications, mainly because I can write code to
> > recover from this more elegantly that a coredump.
> >
> > And before you say, I shouldn't get EFAULT, wrong. I do get them.
> >
> > Oh hang, no I don't, I forgot. My code if perfect. Silly me thinking
> > I might code the odd error...
> All I'm saying is that if you're relying on EFAULT rather than SIGSEGV
> or vice versa, your code is completely, utterly, and fundamentally
> broken.

Ignoring Unix98, maybe what you say is true. Nevertheless, there is no
justification for changing the existing default behaviour.



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