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SubjectRe: Linux/alpha 2.1.117, egcs
Riccardo Facchetti <> said:

[On egcs]

> Every time I get a snapshot, I 'make bootstrap' to compile, recompile and
> compare: just to be sure the compiler _seems_ okay to itself.

Right. If this doesn't work, you're in big trouble.

> Then I run its tests: 'make check'.
> Here the rule is: if it pass _all_ the gcc tests: without unexpected
> errors (the suite reports all the errors and passes) and pass _all_ the
> library tests then I install the compiler. I don't care about g77 and g++
> since I don't really need them. Oh .. and I am aware that these rules
> could not be enought to be sure to have a good compiler.

Nope. There will (always?) be failed tests. Mostly they concern strange
fringe cases. Also, remember that most software you'll want to build
(kernel included) has always been compiled with gccs of various vintages,
that mostly share the same bugs. So you _should_ be safe. Most bogus
combinations in the kernel or compiler bugs in my experience either crash
the compiler or stop the building cold.

Just keep a safe version of gcc and a known-good kernel around. Watch and for additional backing.

> Using these rules, my actual egcs is the 980315 snapshot and it runs
> well.

That is truly ancient, latest is 19980816; many bugs have come and gone.
If you run 980315 through the recent testsuites and compare with the
results for the latest snapshot I'd guess you'll switch ;-)
Horst von Brand
Casilla 9G, Viña del Mar, Chile +56 32 672616

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