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SubjectRe: pre egcs-1.1 testing and Linux 2.1.x

On Sun, 23 Aug 1998, Philip Blundell wrote:
> >No. They should turn off optimization to be sure to not generate buggy
> >code.
> But the whole regparm thing is just an optimisation in itself. You are
> suggesting that many optimisations should be disabled just so that this single
> one doesn't fail in a particular case.

Umm.. Did you not follow the discussion where the _same_ bug could be
triggered even without regparm?

It's really not regparm that is buggy at all, the problem is that gcc can
end up doing bad things under heavy register pressure on a small-register
machine like the x86.

The regparm thing has been singled out because it makes it easier to show
the bugs, not because of any technical reasons. And that's why it's so
wrong to disable it, and hiding the real problem.


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