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    SubjectRe: Files >2G in size & Increasing SCSI disk drive limit.

    On Thu, 30 Jul 1998 21:11:54 -0500, Terry L Ridder <>

    > A client just today asked about when they will be able to move
    > a database of roughly 500GB (yes a half of terabyte) from HP-UX
    > to Linux.

    > RAID may be a temporary solution, but even some of their databases
    > which use "cooked" files as opposed to "raw" disk partitions are larger
    > than 2GB.

    As far as the kernel is concerned, RAID is probably not important at
    this level of operation. If you have that much storage, chances are you
    are using a large storage cabinet which can do RAID internally and which
    just presents a big, virtual SCSI device to the host.

    As for >2GB files, that shouldn't take too long to get right but
    unfortunately we are far too close to 2.2 for it to make it in.


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