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SubjectRe: Is it possible to assign SCSI device names? writes:
> Ladies and Gentlemen:
> I remember reading a proposal to do something similar to what
> I desire. Has anything taken place w.r.t. that suggestion?
> My problem:
> I have an AHA-3985 3-channel SCSI-2 RAID controller. It seems
> to be equivalent to three separate AHA-2940's with three AIC7870 chip
> channels and the AIC7810 chip is unused. I have several (narrow) SCSI
> drives, a CD-ROM, a CD-RW, and an 230MB MO drive. The machine is fine
> and working hard at the moment, but the problem is that my MO drive is
> in an external enclosure and is sometimes used with other machines.
> * Since only the A channel on the AHA-3985 has an external 50
> pin connector, I have to connect my MO to the A channel.
> * Since I want to split up my hard drives between the channels
> AND the kernel always scan the A channel before the B and C
> channels, the MO appears as /dev/sdb when it is in use, and
> pushes my next hard drives into /dev/sdc and /dev/sdd. But
> When the MO is not there, the hard drives become sdb/sdc.
> * Is there some way I could rearrange the names of devices?
> I feel particularly compelled because I want to experiment
> with soft RAID devices.
> * Rest of my stuff: dual PPro 200, SuperMicro P6DNE, 192MB,
> cheap SB16 clone sound, cheap generic NE2000 ISA NIC.

Grab the devfs patch from:



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