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    Subject[solution] 2.1.115 and Cyrix detection
    Fuzzy Fox <> wrote:
    > It *almost* looks like the CPUID instruction is not working. But why
    > would it work when booting 2.0, but not 2.1??

    I tried something different this time; I compiled my kernel without SMP.

    Why was my kernel built with SMP, you ask? Well, it wasn't my idea.
    Linux 2.1 seems to default to "SMP = 1", so I had to go in and turn it
    off. Took me a while to figure that out.

    So anyway, now I get this:

    processor : 0
    cpu family : 4
    model : 6x86MX 2.5x Core/Bus Clock
    vendor_id : CyrixInstead
    stepping : 1.3
    fdiv_bug : no
    hlt_bug : no
    sep_bug : no
    f00f_bug : no
    fpu : yes
    fpu_exception : yes
    cpuid level : -1
    wp : yes
    flags :
    bogomips : 149.91

    It looks a little bit better, but the "cpu family" is still 4, rather
    than 6, and the "cpuid level" is still -1, instead of 1. Also there are
    no "flags" listed for the cpu, like there should be.

    Also, my boot message shows this:

    CPU: Cyrix 6x86MX 2.5x Core/Bus Clock stepping 1.3

    I don't understand how the system can get a "CyrixInstead" vendor_id out
    of the chip if the "cpuid level" is -1. That doesn't make much sense.

    -- (Fuzzy Fox) || "Her lips said 'No,' but her
    sometimes known as David DeSimone || eyes said 'Read my lips!'" ||

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