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SubjectRe: Flexible Console open (really little patch)

On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:

> > > As Matti has pointed out, you can have /dev/console sitting on your
> > > root device for use before devfs is mounted.
> >
> > Not if /dev does not exist, the exact problem I ran into with LRP,
> > which creates /dev/ from /linuxrc.
> Well, your initrd boot scripts could just create /dev/console for
> you.

Not if the disk is (ro) at this point. Anyway: I really hate the idea of
mounting a disk/filesystem at a not-empty directory. It's as dirty as my
first suggestion of haveing /etc/console.

> However, there is a better solution to this: replace the call to
> open(2) in init/main.c with code that allocates a file and calls
> chrdev_open() directly. That way, even if /dev/console doesn't exist
> on a non-devfs system, there are no problems.

This sounds like a very good idea for me. I don't know the linux
filesystem code good enought to write this patch - but I would be
happy if someone else could implement this ...

- clifford

PS: My init uses now /etc/console and /etc/initctl instead of the files in
/dev. So I can make a clean boot without haveing /dev mounted before init
starts (a boot script mounts it in this case) and I can print nice warning
messages if the kernel does not have devfs support ...

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Clifford Wolf
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Director of System Development
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