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    SubjectRe: kill -9 <pid of X>
    > in userspace code than in the kernel, and the second can be worked around
    > by having a simple textmode driver that is always in the kernel (it would
    > be quite small) and if the console's video driver oopses it can be
    > deactivated and the consoles mapped back to the fallback mini-driver.

    And you _again_ get the problem of "how do I switch back into text
    mode when the driver which has switched into graphics mode has exited

    This problem is not solvable in the general case. I think the graphics
    mode switcher belongs in the kernel, but it must be stable. If it
    oopses, this is a fatal error. The only band-aid you can put around
    that is initiate a safe reboot, just with the current X-in-userspace
    mess. But if it is in the kernel, at least you won't be able to crash
    it from user space, and moreover, it is easier to design and perhaps
    even prove correct a rather small kernel driver.


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