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    SubjectRe: VFS/ext2fs - large files on the Alpha (fails for 17GB+)
    > Oh, its a 2.3.x issue no doubt about it.
    > There are many complexities with very large files, e.g. >>2gb,
    > especially when you consider mmap, etc.
    > But, it seems there might be a simpler `half-way' case which won't
    > require lots of vm reworking, for files between 2gb and the maximum
    > size of userland, normally 3GB.

    True, but is that enough of a difference that it pays for the

    > Even when/if we do support obscenely large files (e.g. 10GB) for
    > Intel, we still will only ever be able to mmap a small part of them.

    10 GB isn't "obscenely large", IMO... I'd reserve that for files in
    the 200-300 GB range (larger than most filesystems.)

    Perhaps I'm just spoiled; none of the systems I use regularly has less
    than 11 GB of disk...


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