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    SubjectRe: Flexible Console open (really little patch)

    On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, david wrote:

    > >> This is a broken patch for a broken problem. Please, don't put this
    > >> kind of crud in the kernel.
    > >>
    > >> -hpa
    > >
    > > I don't think so. It solves a problem at a very easy way and does not
    > > hurt anyone. We support a few paths for the init program - why don't
    > > be flexible with the path of /dev/console? (Specialy if there is a good
    > > reason for: it's possible that /dev will be mounted later from a boot
    > > script.)
    > If the devfs "mount at boot time" option hasn't been selected, then the
    > user should select it. Making your root filesystem support a module
    > follows the same logic.
    > Let's do things the Right Way (TM) instead of hacking things into our
    > kernel. This kind of hacking eventually leads to an "alternative this or
    > that" all over the place.

    No - the idea is more to make it possible for the user to see all the
    warning messages generated by the boot scripts - so he can turn the option
    on. There is another point for allowing /etc/console: if the kernel opens
    /etc/console instead of /dev/console it's possible to unmount /dev from
    the single-user-mode (if you use /etc/console as tty). If one uses
    /dev/console, the device would be busy as long as init runs - so one could
    never unmount /dev (e.g. to see what's in /dev/ if devfs is not mounted).

    - clifford

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