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SubjectRe: A true story of a crash.
Matt Agler <> writes:

> Actually, after looking at the init manpage, we don't need another
> deamon. We've got init. There could be a new action called, say, nomem
> to go right alongside powerfail and ctrlaltdel. While the kernel is
> putting things to sleep to get the system under control, it could signal
> init to run the nomem action for the current runlevel.
> This sounds very simple, elegant and configurable to me.

I like this, my worry would be that you would need to have
enough memory to spawn the process. perhaps there could
be some special fork/whatever set aside which grabs memory
from a system hidey-hole rather than from the (now abused) swap.

-- craig

Craig I. Hagan "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to back it up"
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