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SubjectRe: Winmodem support, some performance tradeoff estimates
On Sun, 16 Aug 1998, Adam J. Richter wrote:

> It also appears that the estimated 7.25 million Linux users of
> the world are not going to collectively waste over US$100 million on
> hardware modems, but I do think that that figure is probably still in
> the tens of millions of US dollars as those that would save money with

Another factor to consider is that there's a class of user that prefers
external modems (easier to reset without rebooting, easier to move from
system to system, leds to tell you what's happening, LCDs on the better
ones to tell you speed and other status info). I don't think an external
softmodem is currently available/possible. For these people, winmodem
kernel support is irrelevant.

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