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    SubjectRe: kill -9 <pid of X>

    Jes Sorensen writes:
    > Jon M Taylor <> writes:
    >> On 13 Aug 1998, Jes Sorensen wrote:
    >>> Jon M Taylor <> writes:

    > drivers. You have been told a million times here that acceleration
    > belongs in user space and still you insist on putting it in the
    > kernel where it does not belong.

    Shut up, you elitist 680x0 user.

    >> Well, you already gave us the tool we need to do this.
    > And now you are telling us that kgicon is useless and should never go
    > into the kernel - why do you keep wasting your valuable resources?
    > If you want 100% safety, buy proper hardware, don't try to fix things
    > inside the kernel with a sledgehammer.

    Um, "buy proper hardware"? Shut up, you elitist 680x0 user.

    >>> If you want to run X on broken hardware then you'll have to take
    >>> the risk.
    >> Not really. All I need to do is use fbcon with a kgicon
    >> accelerated driver, and then run XGGI using the fbdev display
    >> target. Should work just fine.
    > But again, you just told us that you want to use kgicon to bloat the
    > kernel with a ridiculous acceleration API which ought to never be
    > included in the kernel.

    We use ridiculous x86 hardware. Got a problem with that?

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