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SubjectRe: kill -9 <pid of X>
> > 	No we are not.  Where did hostility come into this?  There are
> > many legitimate reasons why I might want to kill -9 the X server.
> No there aren't. And get me off the Cc list.

Linus you could start with the simple "My Xserver has hung in a tight loop
with signals blocked", now I wont have to reboot case. I've seen X do exactly
that before now. Normally trying to clean up from an out of memory or a sigsegv

Your daemon hanging around for a kill case doesnt work because there is
a fundamental race between telling the card and the daemon about a state
change in the video programming.

Its quite obvious that you are intelligent enough to realise this, so I can
only assume you are being stubborn because you've forgotten how to be
wrong about something.


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