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SubjectRe: kill -9 <pid of X>
On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Jon M. Taylor wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Aug 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

[SNIPPED ... all other quotes]
I started X. As root I killed X. Keyboard, etc., all locked.
I logged in over the network and restarted X. Everything worked,
including ctl-alt-backspace which got me out of X with a usable
keyboard. `stty sane` and `stty rows 24` fixed up about averything.

Aparently X doesn't put everything back the way it found it when
it exits. Instead, it puts everything back the way is should be.

--- more or less. Rows was at 1...

This means you can recover from an X fatality if you have access
from the network.

Dick Johnson
Penguin : Linux version 2.1.115 on an i586 machine (66.15 BogoMips).
Warning : It's hard to remain at the trailing edge of technology.

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