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    SubjectRe: IDE-Driver Disk Accounting Missing, Maybe SCSI too......
    > > That is worse. Disabling UDMA actually makes you _more_ vulnerable
    > > to corruption by other causes. Disabling the UDMA speed stuff also
    > > handily disables all CRC/parity checking.
    > So there is nothing that can be done for these people other than a
    > printk("Bad luck, your IDE is broken and your data might get hosed")?
    > Does Windows also trash data with these drives?

    No you misunderstand. There are two species of problem

    1. 3 of 4 drives from two vendors that don't do UDMA right and
    corrupt stuff

    2. An undefined number of unpredictable circumstances where UDMA
    CRC will avoid other corruption caused by poor hardware/cabling

    So you only want to disable UDMA for #1. Disabling it globally by default
    will harm other people, and not to a predictible pattern. Hence the current
    solution is far from optimal


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