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SubjectRe: DevFS vs. normal /dev (was DEVFSv50 and /dev/fb? (or /dev/fb/? ???))
Jochen Heuer writes:
> On Mon, Aug 10, 1998 at 03:57:04PM -0400, Horst von Brand wrote:
> > Peter Hawkins <> said:
> [...]
> > How do you reference, say, /dev/fd0 if the floppy module isn't even loaded?
> > You need to do that so kmod loads the module, as things stand now.
> This is the biggest problem I see with the current devfs. While it
> loads many modules correct it does not work for all modules which
> are supported by devfs if they are loaded.

No, no, no! That's getting into policy! We want to minimise policy in
the kernel.

> Try a _ls -l /dev/ide/_ with ide-disk, ide-mod and ide-probe as modules.
> It does not work. There should be some reference to the module name
> in devfs. E.g. /dev/ide/hd would load the module ide-disk. Or
> /dev/sr would load sr_mod. Btw. maybe it is time to rename some modules
> and find a standard name style. If I think of the modules

All you need is a properly configured /etc/modules.conf with the right
aliases. For example:

alias sr sr_mod
alias ide/hd ide-cd

and so on. Ideally, I'd like to prepend some special string (say
"/dev/") to the names passed to kmod to reserve a "namespace" for
devfs and avoid any possible conflicts.

Richard: are you happy to include a set of aliases with modutils that
does this? If so I'll start collating names.



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