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SubjectRe: Pre-release patches of aic7xxx-5.1.0 for linux available.
Doug Ledford wrote:
> Even though I haven't released the official 5.1.0 driver yet, the code is
> close enough that I've now released some test patches for kernels 2.0.34 and
> 2.1.108. The code should work on all non-Ultra2 controllers, and as of pre2
> very well might work on a decent number of the Ultra2 controllers as well,
> we'll see.

I tried the 5.1.0 pre1 patch last night, on '96 vinatage AHA-2940UW
hooked to a WD ultra wide disk, NEC CDROM, and Archive DAT.

There is a compile-time problem when AIC7XXX_PROC_STATS is not defined,
because some local variables are needed but missing; also a warning on
variable x unused. Compilation is fine once AIC7XXX_PROC_STATS is

The Bad SCBPTR messages are gone, but the driver still gets into an
infinite bus-reset loop. The first error message I see is:

aborting command due to timeout, pid 1 scsi 0 chan 0 id 0 lun 0, Inquiry
00 00 00 ff 00

This is followed by bus resets, which time out, and "trying harder"

If more information is needed to help isolate this, please tell me what
is needed, and I'll provide it. I'll also try out any new patches

Steve Falco

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