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Subjectaic7xxx-5.1.0pre2 timeouts
	As someone else already pointed, aic7xxx-5.1.0pre2 seems to broke 
something..., I had the same problem with 5.0.18, but it got resolved
quite well by 5.0.19, now after reversing it (so I could apply your patch
to a 2.1.108 with 5.0.18) things went mad again, the driver just wait for
ever during bootup and the bus is beeing resetting due to timeouts, maybe
you forgot something you introduce in 5.0.19 in you way to 5.1.x??

I have an onboard Adaptec 2940UW and a IBM DCAS-3433W, a Pionner 24x
SCSI and a Traxdata CDR 4120 Pro under a SMP PII, although I think the
problem is with the driver. If you want more info ask me for it, I will do my
best to help you.

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