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    SubjectRe: [linux-usb] How to get aligned memory?
     >         This is a so silly question I feel dumb for not having able to
    > find it myself ... how can I get aligned memory?
    > The problem is I have this structure, 64 bits long which needs
    > to be aligned to 16 bytes (thx, Intel >:), but I cannot find my to do
    > it (except to allocate a lot until I get it aligned, which is quite
    > wasteful :).
    Have a look at the malloc man page. I think it tells you that a block of
    n bytes (n a power of two) is aligned to the nearest higher power of
    two, guarantueed. At least that is the way the Framelist is aligned in
    my code. I do check that in debugging mode but it has not failed up to


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