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    SubjectRe: Minor bug in 2.0.35 VFAT fs

    I believe this is known, and fixed. Am I right?

    On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, John Campbell wrote:

    > I've just discovered that if I'm on a vfat partition and I issue the
    > command "cd ...", it accepts it, despite the fact that there is no directory
    > named "...". After this command, the current directory appears in the bash
    > prompt and to pwd as if there was a directory named "..." (i.e. if I'm in
    > "/win95/mps/civ2" and I "cd ...", it says I'm in "/win95/mps/civ2/..."), but
    > from ls output and such, it looks like the directory I'm actually in is the
    > ".." directory ("/win95/mps", in the above example). The exception is if I'm
    > in the root directory of the vfat partition ("/win95") and I issue the
    > command, in which case I end up right where I started, and it still shows up
    > with the "..." (still in "/win95", but it shows up as "/win95/...").
    > This behaviour only exists on vfat, not on msdos, smbfs, hpfs, ext2,
    > proc, nfs, or ncpfs (though that last actually does support "cd ..." from
    > DOS clients, but not Linux clients, as a legitimate feature; "cd ..."
    > changes to the parent's parent, "cd ...." changes to the parent's parent's
    > parent, and so on 'til you run out of parents). The machine is 5 miles away
    > and hasn't got a CD in its drive at the moment, so I can't test iso9660.
    > Both bash and tcsh behave pretty much the same way (pwd can't figure
    > out the current directory at all in tcsh, but the $PWD environment variable
    > contains the "/win95/mps/civ2/..." directory), so I assume this is a
    > filesystem bug.
    > The machine is a 2.0.35 box with a non-FAT32 VFAT partition created
    > by Win95 OSR2 (I think... I'm not certain about the Win95 release number).
    > I'm not equipped at the moment to check if the behaviour's the same in other
    > kernel versions - 2.1 kernels, or the ones before FAT32 was added to 2.0,
    > for example.
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    > John Campbell
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