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    SubjectRe: VESA VGA Frame Buffer
    Martin Wrote..............
    > I'm afraid you didn't read the docs too well...
    > Both of these modes are _text_ modes, not _graphics_ modes. Vesafb is a
    > graphics driver, so it's of no use specifying a text mode.

    >> With VGA_CONSOLE I get the old stream of message output and I've given
    >> the lilo prompt ...
    >> vga="ask,mode=0778"
    >> vga=vesa:redraw

    > I'm sure you didn't find these options anywhere as both of them make no sense.

    > Just use "vga=ask" and enter mode "0303" to get 800x600x8.

    From vesafb.txt......
    The graphic modes are not in the list which you get if you boot with
    vga=ask and hit return. Here are some mode numbers:

    | 640x480 800x600 1024x768
    256 | 0x101 0x103 0x105
    32k | 0x110 0x113 0x116
    64k | 0x111 0x114 0x117
    16M | 0x112 0x115 0x118

    Note 1: this are the VESA mode numbers. The video mode select code
    expects 0x200 + VESA mode number.
    Note 2: lilo can't handle hex, for booting with "vga=??" you have to
    transform the numbers to decimal.
    So I figured 0x105 + 0x200 = 0x305 = 0773 decimal, one of the numerous ones I
    tried and got "bad mode number", then I selected (8) 030A from the menu as it
    was one of the ones listed, the docs did say the VESA modes would not be
    I recompiled with different options this time.......
    # CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE is not set
    # CONFIG_FB_MDA is not set
    # CONFIG_FB_VIRTUAL is not set
    # CONFIG_FBCON_ADVANCED is not set
    # CONFIG_FONT_SUN8x16 is not set
    # CONFIG_FONT_SUN12x22 is not set
    # CONFIG_FONT_6x11 is not set
    # CONFIG_FONT_PEARL_8x8 is not set
    # CONFIG_FONT_ACORN_8x8 is not set
    On bootup, I got the same "invalid mode number" message when I entered 0303, so
    I selected (8) 030A and it all came up with the normal full screen of messages,
    I didn't see the logo, may be it came up when I was distracted.
    Now dmesg says for the first time ..........
    Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 132x43
    fb0: VGA frame buffer device, using 32K of video memory

    [barrabas:~]# fbset -s

    mode "name"
    # H: 20.703 kHz, V: 52.546 Hz
    geometry 1056 344 1056 992 4
    timings 39722 40 24 39 9 96 2
    I reckon it had to be problems with the kernel config, I'm fairly certain this
    is the first time I selected CONFIG_FB_VGA as well as CONFIG_FB_VESA. I shall
    try my other machine later, reckon it will be OK with the same config.
    Thanks and Regards
    ... Sid Boyce...Amdahl(Europe)...44-121 422 0375
    Any opinions expressed above are mine and do not necessarily represent
    the opinions or policies of Amdahl Corporation.

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