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    SubjectRe: patch for 2.1.110 misc memory reclamation
    On Wed, 22 Jul 1998, Bill Hawes wrote:

    > I found another batch of reclaimable pages squirrelled away, this time
    > in the nfs client dircache. The attached patch adds a new routine
    > nfs_trim_dircache() to allow the vm system to reclaim the memory.
    > The combined effect of the patch makes over 40 extra pages now available
    > to the system, so it's starting to add up to something worthwhile.
    > Comments and testing welcome ...

    I believe this patch is the right way to go for low-mem situations.
    It also might alleviate some fragmentation problems, since (in
    2.1.89) some folks got swap-deaths in which 80% of memory was
    freed but no two contiguous large areas could be found. The only
    conclusion is that there still were some 'unswappable' things
    left. With your patch the number of unswappable things is reduced
    and thereby the number of fragmentation problems should also become

    Linus, this patch looks good and 'obviously correct' to me; maybe
    you should consider integrating it when the balancing issues wrt.
    this patch are done?

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